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Air Conditioning Services by Mount Pleasant Heating & Cooling

Air Conditioning Services

Your Comfort is Our Priority

At Mount Pleasant Heating & cooling, we know how important your air conditioner is to home comfort. Our complete air conditioning services address all issues to keep your AC running smoothly.

The Most Dependable Air Conditioning Services in Mount Pleasant, SC

Mount Pleasant Heating & Air Conditioning is the leading company in Mount Pleasant for providing customers with the most reliable air conditioning repair, installation, and servicing. Our technicians take that extra step to make sure every customer gets the best service to fit their needs.

HVAC Repair, Mt Pleasant Heating & Air

Homeowners often ignore air conditioning service despite being extremely important to your home’s comfort. Therefore, consider the following situations in which getting an AC repair would be the best option:

As soon as we are hired for AC servicing, we implement a concrete plan to give you the best and most transparent services.

Additionally, we tune up the system based on the season as well. Therefore, don’t miss out on the services provided by our team! Call today.

Why is AC Maintenance Necessary?

AC maintenance services can help avoid many serious issues with your air conditioning system in the run:

Our Professional Approach to AC Servicing

Thorough Inspection and Maintenance

Our approach to AC servicing is meticulous and systematic:

  • Visual Inspection: We begin with a thorough examination of your AC to identify problem areas.
  • Cleaning: Professional cleaning of dirt, dust, and debris is performed.
  • Filter Replacement: Air filters are replaced to ensure clean air circulation.
  • Component Testing: Each part is rigorously tested against manufacturer standards.
  • Seasonal Tuning: We adjust your system for optimal seasonal performance.
  • Customized Repair Plan: A detailed repair plan is provided based on identified issues.

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Mount Pleasant Heating & Cooling provides excellent air conditioning. Our team provides excellent services at competitive prices. Contact us today to keep your home cool and comfortable year-round.


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We care about your comfort. We provide efficient, reliable, and affordable air conditioning services at Mount Pleasant Heating & Cooling. We’ll handle your AC needs so you can relax at home.

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