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AC Repair in Charleston, SC

Heat Pump Repairs, AC Repair in Charleston,

AC Repair in Charleston, SC

The Summer heat and humidity in Charleston can be brutal. As a coastal town, we see some incredibly muggy days that make air conditioning a necessity. But when your AC unit isn’t working properly, those dog days of summer can become downright dangerous.

We understand first-hand how vital it is to have a functional cooling system during Charleston’s hottest months. That’s why we provide expert AC repair services to anyone in Mount Pleasant, SC, and Charleston, SC. Read on for our tips on keeping your AC system running smoothly all summer long.

How an AC System Works

Before calling for a repair, it helps to understand the basic components of an AC system. At its most basic, an air conditioner uses a refrigerant chemical that absorbs heat and moisture to cool down the air.

The main components include:

Condenser: Transfers heat outside, releasing it into the external environment

Evaporator coil: Absorbs heat from inside the home

Compressor: Circulates refrigerant through the system

Fans: Blow air over the evaporator coil and condenser

Thermostat: Allows you to control the internal temperature

Understanding the AC’s different parts can help you troubleshoot problems before phoning an HVAC company.

Warning Signs You Need AC Service

In warmer months, even minor AC repairs can seem urgent. But trying a quick DIY fix often leads to bigger, costlier issues down the road. Leave major AC work to the licensed pros. But do watch for these common signs that your unit needs servicing:

Lackluster cooling power – If your system runs constantly but struggles to keep things cool, issues like low refrigerant could be to blame.

Strange noises – Clunks, buzzes and whines point to problems like loose parts or failing components.

Spikes in energy bills – If your electric costs suddenly skyrocket, faulty parts like compressors or motors could be forcing your AC to work overtime.

Musty smells or moisture – Indoor humidity and dampness indicate leaks or drainage problems.

Burning plastic odors – Scorched smells signal belt or wiring problems.

Remember, the longer you delay repairs after noticing issues, the more likely you’ll face expensive unit failures down the road. If in doubt, call in one of our AC pros to diagnose problems quickly.

AC Maintenance Tips & Checklist

Just like your car, some routine care keeps your AC humming along smoothly all season. DIY maintenance helps lower energy costs and reduce the need for repairs too.

Here are key things every Charleston homeowner can do to care for their cooling system:

Clean filters monthly – Clogged filters block airflow, raising energy costs and straining systems.

Clear debris outside – Remove leaves, grass and plants that crowd the condenser unit.

Check ducts for leaks – About 20% of cooled air can escape through leaky ductwork.

Clean registers & vents – Vacuum and dust buildup to optimize airflow.

Clear drain lines – Clogs can cause moisture damage if water overflows.

Of course, some complex maintenance requires a professional. Our AC tune-ups include:

  • Comprehensive system tests & checks
  • Monitoring refrigerant levels & pressure
  • Treatment to prevent corrosion
  • Examining parts for wear & tear
  • Deep cleaning of coils & drainage
  • Schedule twice-yearly tune-ups in spring and fall. Routine maintenance helps minimize issues between uses, saving you money.
  • When to Call an HVAC Pro in Charleston

While DIY fixes might seem cost-effective, most AC repairs require technical expertise. Improper work can damage your system, compromise safety, or void manufacturer warranties.

Contact our AC pros right away if your system:

  • Completely stops cooling
  • Leaks water or refrigerant
  • Trips electrical breakers
  • Emits burning plastic odors
  • Has coils/fins covered in frost or ice

Stuck with a failing, inefficient system? We offer affordable AC replacements and upgrades too. Our team handles everything from selecting optimal equipment to professional installation that meets building codes. This summer, stay comfortable and beat the heat with properly functioning AC. For all your cooling needs, contact our experts.

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