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Signs your AC needs repair

It’s a steamy Summer day in the Charleston area and you’ve just turned your thermostat down to a nice, cool 68 degrees. But 20 minutes go by and your Mount Pleasant or Charleston house still feels hot and muggy. Uh oh. Could your AC be breaking down? And what signs your AC needs repair?

Your air conditioner works hard during South Carolina’s long, hot summers. After years of use, air conditioning systems can break down or become less efficient. Catching small AC problems early on can save you money on costly repairs down the road. Keep reading to learn the top signs that your air conditioner in Mount Pleasant, SC, or Charleston, SC needs some TLC from an HVAC technician.

Here Are The Signs your AC Needs Repair:

Sign #1: It’s Not Keeping Your Home Cool Anymore

Something could be amiss if your AC unit isn’t keeping your home as chilly as it should be. An inability to properly cool is one of the most common signs of AC trouble. Start by checking your air filter. A dirty, clogged filter makes your system work harder to push air through. Replacing a filter takes just minutes but can instantly boost your cooling.

If new filters don’t do the trick, problems like refrigerant leaks, busted compressors, and worn parts may be to blame. An HVAC pro can test your Freon levels, check for leaks, and diagnose issues. Recharging refrigerant or replacing worn components restores cooling capabilities.

Sign #2: It Turns On and Off Frequently

You expect the AC to cycle on and off occasionally to maintain a set indoor temperature. But if it short cycles on and off constantly, that signals problems. Frequent cycling strains compressor parts which can lead to early breakdowns. It also doesn’t give your home time to properly cool down before the AC shuts off again.

Faulty thermostats, clogged air filters, low refrigerant charges, and failing parts can all cause irritating short cycling. Having an HVAC technician diagnose the specific cause is key to stopping the constant on/off.

Sign #3: It Makes Strange Noises

Clunks buzzes, whistles, and loud hums coming from your AC are all problematic noises. They indicate failing parts that need fixing ASAP. Screeching, grinding, or clicking noises point to serious compressor issues. Ignore the racket for too long and you risk total system failure. Hire HVAC experts to inspect what’s making the commotion start. Rebuilding or replacing the compressor often quiets things down.

Random knocking or banging from the AC ductwork may mean parts have come loose inside—time for some expert ductwork debugging.

Sign #4: It Blows Warm Air

Sometimes Air blowing from your vents should be around 20 degrees cooler than the air entering your home. If you ever feel blasts of room temperature or warm air, your AC needs attention. This points to refrigerant leaks that must get sealed or failing compressors and coils in the condensing unit outside. Left unfixed, rooms won’t get adequately chilled on the hottest Charleston days. HVAC techs have the equipment, skills, and experience to sniff out the issue and get your unit blowing crisp, cool air once more.

Sign #5: Your Energy Bills Skyrocket

Summertime power bills always climb thanks to 24/7 AC runtime. But rate hikes well beyond the normal point to brewing system trouble. When air conditioners run inefficiently, energy waste goes up. Parts like dirty filters, failing fans, and compressors on the fritz make your unit work much harder to cool. Getting problems corrected improves efficiency and cuts wasted energy.

Don’t want to foot the costs of repairs upfront? Consider financing AC replacements, tune-ups, or upgrades to keep things cool long-term economically.

When to Call for AC Service in Charleston and Mount Pleasant

Ignoring early signs of AC trouble allows bigger, costlier problems to arise down the road. Nip issues in the bud by having your Charleston or Mount Pleasant home’s HVAC system inspected at the first hint of problems.

Our skilled technicians have advanced tools and hands-on expertise to troubleshoot all makes and models of air conditioning equipment. Whether it’s tuning up your current AC unit or recommending a suitable replacement, we work closely with each customer to find economical, effective solutions to beat the Lowcountry heat. Stay comfortable in your home when hot summertime temperatures arrive. Contact our team today to schedule comprehensive AC service, repairs, or replacements!

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